Graphic design

Graphic design is so much more than putting words and pretty pictures together.

It is about addressing the messaging needs of an assignment and crafting the best possible visual solution.

With every project, we like to get to know you, and understand your business and your communications needs and wants. From that foundation, we work collaboratively to develop the fresh and targetted solution that gets you noticed!

Take a look at the portfolio to the right to see projects we’ve worked on. You’ll see that they are as varied as the solutions we develop!

Although we like to make people happy, praise junkies we’re not! We are passionate about what we do. We endeavour to do our best for our clients which, in turn, benefits their local good – and ours.

  • Walkerton Homecoming 2016

    Walkerton Homecoming 2016 – logo and collateral for homecoming celebrations The Homecoming committee requested a celebratory logo that captured the personality of the town and incorporated the “Catch the Spirit” slogan. The Saugeen River, the sport-fishing industry and the Victoria Jubilee Hall clocktower are featured in this winning logo with an inviting colour palette that offers a cool splash in the heat of the summer.

  • Bageletti

    Bageletti – product name and packaging labels for mini-bagel snacks This donut-shaped snack product, imported from Russia, required branding for the Canadian market. “Bageletti” combines the roundness of bagels with the crunchy hardness of biscotti, and is easily understood by both English and French audiences. The package labels are colourful and whimsical, yet clearly reflect the product’s medium price point

  • Mullin Bookkeeping Logo

    Mullin Bookkeeping – logo and tagline for a bookkeeping business As a sole proprietor, the owner wanted a strong and memorable logo and tagline to convey the values of the business and to facilitate recognition. An owl, the icon of wisdom, integrity and efficiency, was the perfect symbol for this nature-loving, country-living certified bookkeeper. The tagline reinforces the business’ positioning.

  • NETS Catalogue

    Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada (NETS) – annual holiday catalogue NETS is a Canadian network of specialty toy retailers and their suppliers. This 20-page, full-colour catalogue is produced in English only to promote new or favourite products as voted by NETS members. Design, writing production and project management takes place over a 10-week period. The 2014 edition had a print run of 250,000 copies, distributed nationwide.

    Also see Wordsmithing.

  • SCV Productions

    SCV Productions – logo and brochure for an insert vehicle company Specialty Camera Vehicles (SCV) is a company that operates camera bikes to carry movie or television crews to film unique sequences. The film reel and heavy-duty tire in the logo suggests quality of craft and the stability of the operating platform. The logo and brochure were produced in black and white only to sell the camera bike’s offerings on its own merits, with no glitz or glamour.

  • PepsiCo Canada

    PepsiCo Canada – visual language for an annual benefit-enrolment program Total Rewards is PepsiCo Canada’s employee benefits program. To introduce Total Rewards, a poster was designed to establish a visual language. Annual re-enrolment materials – posters and postcards, Read-Me-First documents and a programmed online benefits guide – were designed using the established visual language. All materials were produced in English and French.

  • Espirelle

    Espirelle – product name and packaging label for chocolate wafer sticks This chocolate wafer snack from Eastern Europe required branding to appeal to Canadian consumers. “Espirelle” reflects the light and delicate properties of this rolled-wafer product and appeals in both English and French. An illustration was used on the label to accentuate the product and illuminate its delicious chocolate flavouring.

    See also Worsmithing.

  • tech360

    tech360 – visual identity and tagline for a technology specialist tech360 offers a full complement of technology services – from IT, consultation and training to specialized web programming – to help its clients “navigate technology” in a more efficient and rewarding manner. The font and colours create a clean, contemporary and reassuring image that projects a refreshingly professional look in tech360’s service area.

  • Rural Routes Pest Control

    Rural Routes Pest Control (RRPC) – home show display materials RRPC is a family-owned company based in southern Ontario that provides safe and effective pest control services to commercial, agricultural and residential clients. Developed in conjunction with the company’s website refresh, these pull-up banners and pop-up display were designed to define and converge graphic treatments and elements to build a consistent visual brand.

  • BMO

    Bank of Montreal (BMO) – quarterly employee benefits newsletters Benefacts is an internal employee newsletter produced for the bank’s HR department to convey benefits program information and related topics of interest. The design is approachable and informative to engage employees. Benefacts is produced in English and French and reaches an internal audience of over 40,000 employees in printed, PDF and accessible for sight-impaired formats.